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  • When you succeed, we shine. In the end, a staffing agency is worth only the consultants who keep us in business.
  • Our clients appreciate the fact that we have helped them retain talent for long stints, and in many cases, our consultants have gone back to clients a second or third time.
  • We believe being transparent is the easiest business ethic to practice—we don’t have to remember what we said, and we stand by what we say.
  • As a minority-owned business, Trident actively practices diversity in the workplace, and has gained reputation with large business in delivering niche talent fulfillment.

What our consultants say

Arpit Jain

I recently started my contract role with Trident and till now it has been a great experience. I have been working with Sridhar and Neetu and they have helped me in almost every possible way.

Brent Boswell

Trident came through when I needed them most! They landed me a contract at Intel, at my requested rate, in a related field, after I was laid off from my network administration position that I held for the last 11 years. Sridhar Ramalingam, my recruiter at Trident, got me started working again under a week from the time that Intel selected me from the position-almost unheard of.

Niranjana Shivkumar

I have been working with Trident Consulting for the last couple of years now. Trident is a good company to work with. Some of the things that I particularly like about them: Very prompt in their payments to employees; an open communication channel with the management; and they maintain a cordial relationship with clients.

Suganthi Subramanian

In my experience with Trident, they have stood apart from the several other consulting companies that work to match-up talent with placements. I have worked with Mohan and Sridhar. They have all been very respectful and goal oriented, and more importantly, people oriented. I wish them much success.

Venkata Siva Saitej Krothapalli

Trident is a good place to learn IT and Business. Lots of opportunities and nice work-life balance They maintain a good and prompt payment procedure.The support from management and the workplace culture is good, few projects below average, but that happens in all the companies. I was mentored by best people in that discipline.

Chetan Shetty

I joined the company 2 months ago and felt welcome immediately. The on-boarding process was smooth and transparent, and the team was very flexible and accommodating.

Nick Zamiatin

He is a passionate full stack developer with specialized training and education in JavaScript and JavaScript frameworks. He is working with Cognizant Technologies for Merck.

Aditya Kashyap

I started my role with Trident 10 months ago and until now it has been a great experience. I was placed as a BA with Wells Fargo, CA in a short span of time and the role is fabulous. The project was amazing. But since my family was in the east coast I had to move back. Currently I work for Verizon as Senior BA in Piscataway, NJ. I have been working with Osborn, Shabana and Neetu and they have helped me in almost every possible way. Whenever I needed them all I had to do was make a call and they would be available to answer. I recommend Trident for its positive energy.

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