Why Trident

There’s more to Trident than resumes and profiles, RFPs and contracts. Work life balance is something we take very seriously here. While there’s hot competition for the cool increments and incentives, we are acutely aware that our biggest competition is within us. We have to fill faster than we did for the last position, reach farther than the last candidate, and work harder than for the last submission. Learning and having fun along the way. There’s always a seminar to learn from, a conference to network at, and another colleague to welcome. Not a place to stop and stare.

Team Building

Team work is more than just a term at Trident. Whether it is working to fill a position or cooperating to win a game, we know that our co-workers always have our back. We believe that, in our line of work slam dunk happens only with team work, transparency, and trust. Team Trident: and we mean it.

Triumph Day

"Milestones. We are not always aware of them, but when we cross them, we are filled with a sense of accomplishment. Trident Consulting crossed a milestone at ten years and this special occasion was aptly named Triumph Day. On June 23rd, 2019 at the InterContinental Resort on the famed ECR, in Chennai, the team gathered to both wind down and fire up as they marched triumphantly past Milestone 10. A sumptuous lunch followed, complete with delicious desserts and a celebratory cake. The post lunch agenda was team building exercises conducted by Victory Insights. The activities revolved around the importance of resourcefulness, team spirit, and tools to tap one’s full potential. Trident’s Triumph Day is the first of the many milestones that the company is all set to conquer."